This is a rural area and many roads are too narrow with many sharp curves for large rigs to travel safely. Most are marked with signs to indicate no large trucks allowed.

These travel tips will save you much grief of getting caught on poorly navigable roads:

  • 1.) Do not use Parman Road to cross to 351 (TN-107 Cutoff) from 107/70. Use 351 (TN-107 Cutoff) from 107/70 and turn eastbound on White Sands Rd. You will see the blue attraction sign indicating the milage and direction to the Resort.
  • 2.) Do not use Dixie Road coming to or from the Resort. This road traverses White Sands Road and 351 (TN-107 Cutoff). It is very narrow with multiple sharp turns.
  • 3.) Do not attempt to reach the Resort going westbound on White Sands Road from Sunnydale Rd or any other intersection. Use 351(TN-107 Cutoff) to access White Sands Road from the west only.